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Family Personal Development (PD) is a non-profit organization focused on increasing socioeconomic mobility within households by integrating organizational, research-based practices within the home.  Basically, we have the H.O.T.S for families - Household Organizational Transition Strategies.  Our organization will help families become more aware of and gain access to resources and information, as well as provide support with implementing effective strategies to improve health, relationships, education, finances, and goal achievement.  

map - land of opportunity.png
map - land of opportunity.png

What does this mean? If you are born poor in large urban cities like Charlotte, Atlanta, and Cleveland, you are most likely to stay poor there than you are anywhere else in the country.

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Increases in socio-economic mobility are evident when children exceed the salaries of their parents.
Over 90% of the people born in 1940s had higher salaries than their parents.  However, just barely 50% of people born in 1980s earn higher salaries than their parents.
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