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Family Personal
Development, Inc.

Family Personal Development (PD) is a non-profit organization focused on increasing socioeconomic mobility within households by integrating organizational, research-based practices within the home.  Basically, we have the H.O.T.S for families - Household Organizational Transition Strategies.  Our organization will help families become more aware of and gain access to resources and information, as well as provide support with implementing effective strategies to improve health, relationships, education, finances, and goal achievement.  

There is a plethora of information and training used to reach goals and improve outcomes provided by organizations that is, most times, only accessible by career professionals. Many of these professionals will use knowledge and training obtained in their professions to help make improvements within their personal lives.  Unfortunately, only about 20% of professionals are Black or Hispanic so not as many have access to such impactful knowledge that could help families move up in social class (

This is why we formed Family Personal Development, Inc.  Because when it comes to upward mobility, urban cities like Charlotte, NC are last (50 out of 50) and so are most black families.

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