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I’m sure you have heard the old saying “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know!”. This is all too true. Having the right relationships with the right people will increase your chances of success, significantly.

Many of these relationships are (or can be) formed through networking. Networking can include but is not limited to attending conferences, joining committees, clubs, and/or organizations, and connecting online through platforms such as LinkedIn.

When opportunities happen, individuals typically share with their networks and the people they have relationships with first. The more networks you’re in and connections you have, the more access to information and knowledge of opportunities you will have.

It is important that the relationships you build with people are good relationships. Relationships that provide encouragement, support, inspiration, and other positive results. Stay clear of bad relationships as they typically cause:

• Depression
• Anger
• Lack of communication
• Loss of opportunities
• and other negative results!

TIP: Be prepared to be the one who walks away, steps up, helps out, etc. Relationships start small and the bigger, the better! Opportunities will present themselves to grow your relationships. Your willingness to walk away, step up, help out, etc., at a moment’s notice, may significantly impact the growth and development of your relationships.

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