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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Our Mission

It is the mission, purpose, and duty of Family Personal Development, Inc. to increase socioeconomic mobility within low-income and economically disadvantaged communities. We provide services that help families integrate organizational practices within the home, as well as career preparation services, Computer Science & Information Technology consulting and training services, career pathways program development, and other professional services that will help communities achieve growth and economic mobility. 

The Poverty Crisis in Charlotte

In 2014, a study titled “Where is the Land of Opportunity?” was published by U.C. Berkeley and Harvard University.  This report reviewed socioeconomic mobility among the largest cities in the United States and Charlotte, NC ranked 50 out of 50.  What this means is people born poor in Charlotte are much more likely to stay poor in Charlotte than they are anywhere else in the country.  Though Charlotte has been ranked 50 out of 50 for upward mobility, it has been identified as a top technology and banking hub with an abundance of options and opportunities (  

The Ultimate Goal

For this reason, Family Personal Development is focused on spreading awareness to educate families on the poverty crisis in Charlotte and provide access to resources to increase economic mobility.  Using a grassroots approach, we provide information sessions, career fairs, resource distribution, professional development, and career guidance to help combat poverty and increase socioeconomic mobility.  Ultimately, our goal is to reduce disparate outcomes for people of color through education and workforce development.

Meet The Team

Family Personal Development, Inc. is led by a team of professionals who lead with personal humility and unsubdued will.  We come from humble beginnings and represent the communities we serve.  We are licensed educators with experience in workforce development and career programs.  Our approach to socioeconomic mobility includes the use of Household Organizational Transition Strategies. We help families transition into organizations and use research-based practices, used by other successful organizations, to lead their families to upward mobility.  

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