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Educational Resources

Even with having good relationships with a lot of people, in many cases, you still need
qualifications. Whether this is a diploma, degree, or certification—these are credentials and they matter!

Spend time getting educated, even if that means educating yourself by reading information from credible sources, watching tutorials on YouTube, or completing online courses through platforms like Udemy and It is important to educate yourself and your family as much as possible. From what’s happening in the news to what you need to start your career get educated!

NOTE: Be sure the information you are learning is from a credible source (i.e. do not use Wikipedia for 100% information... however, you can generally trust information posted on government and educational websites).

Stay Informed 

Here are some of the many ways you can learn and educate yourself and your family:


These are your traditional sources of information, the basics. These sources have more in-Person events. Sometimes you benefit more from a teacher, or a leader. That's okay! 

  • School/College

  • Public Libraries

  • Conferences

  • Networking Events

  • Meetings

  • News

  • Word of Mouth 

Online Training

There are many reasons to use online training. You might not have access to the traditional sources or an unlimited amount of time on your hands. Here are some resources that you have more control over. 

  • YouTube Tutorials: 

  • Udemy:

  • LinkedIn Learning:

  • Microsoft EDU:

  • W3Schools:


Social Media

Social Media is the easiest way to stay informed. There are many content creators and even some of your own personal peers that have some information that you may be looking for. 

  • Facebook:

  • Twitter:

  • Linkedin:


Everyone should be checking their emails almost every day, this makes it easier to stay informed. If you don't have time to go looking for information, have it sent to you personally. Get weekly or daily emails to get quick updates on the go! 

  • Weekly Digest

  • Newsletters

  • Business Announcements

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