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In all organizations, building community is essential to ensuring members work together effectively as a team. If there is no community within the organization, the team will most likely struggle to complete tasks together. While there are many important elements to community building, we believe the most important elements are: trust, respect, and inclusion.


Honesty is critical in building community.  This establishes trust among family members.  While being honest is crucial, it is also important to be a good judge when it comes to when, how, and with whom you share factual information.
Transparency is also key.  When team members feel like information is not being withheld or hidden, trust is increased.  .


Respect should be given to all household members regardless of family role and/or age. 
  • Privacy
  • Personal Space
  • Personal Belongings
  • Personal Time
  • Emotions


It is important that all members of the organizational household feel included and valued.  Everyone should be provided opportunities to share feedback and ideas.


In organizations, when you need to set goals, share updates, solicit feedback, etc. meetings are held. I can’t imagine any successful organization not holding meetings with employees and other stakeholders. Successful organizations understand the power and value in holding effective meetings.

In your household, you may currently have a lot of discussion (especially during dinner or long car trips) about a variety of things
but would you consider this a meeting? Meetings require structure.  This includes, but is not limited to: time, location, agenda, and purpose.  Meetings should be planned with the intention of meeting organizational goals.

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